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                                              Our Mission

MSNF is a non-profit community organization providing

financial support towards therapies for children

with special needs.

Our mission Is to ensure that underprivileged children

with special needs and their families receive the

financial support and resources to afford the necessary

therapy enabling these children to reach their full potential and live happier lives.


 Published on May 4, 2018

          Improving Children's Lives Through Therapy

Has Your Child Been Diagnosed With A Disability?

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       Let Us Help You Help Them!


As a parent, ensuring that your child be given the best start in life is the highest priority. This priority is no

different for a parent of a special needs child. Unfortunately wait times for special therapies and services

are very long. Families can wait up to 12 months to get a diagnosis and then have to wait another 18

months to get services. The key to success is early intervention and the fastest route for help is in the

private sector but costs associated with providing early intervention to improve the quality of life for the

child can be overwhelming for parents without the financial means.

Parents are committed to giving their child what he or she needs to advance but cannot afford the costs

of a therapist. The average therapy rates are up to $150 per hour.


                                         MSNF NEEDS YOU!  

MSNF relies on people like you to help make a difference in the lives  of these children and their families. 

Your generosity allows us to achieve our mission of helping all children with special needs.

Your generosity will be applied to Speech, Physio and Occupational Therapy.

Children with special needs require a minimum of at least one hour of therapy per week to help reach their

potential development. Your support and generosity will allow us to help low income families get the necessary

therapy. Please help us to make this wonderful organization viable.



                                                      Family Services and Support

                                                          Occupational Therapy

                                                               Speech Therapy

                                                                Physio Therapy

                                                       Special Needs Resources

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