Victoria's Story


We Can Learn A Lot From A Child With Special Needs!

Our Story began in 2000 when my fourth daughter Victoria was born. She was a healthy seven pound girl with an Apgar score of nine. She was a bundle of joy, but after her 1st birthday we noticed something wasn't right. Victoria started suffering from multiple seizures, and at the age of two Victoria was given a 50/50 chance of living. Victoria had regressed to a three month old infant. Several doctors and therapists told me that she may never walk or talk.

As a parent, the diagnosis was unacceptable. We needed to do something, we needed to ensure that her surroundings would be positive and not have any obstacles or limitations. It was a long road and it was not an easy one but we were determined to take on all the challenges that came our way.

I strongly believe in therapy, I watched how the PhysioSpeech and Occupational therapist would do their work, and then applied the same technique at home. We are happy to say that she has thrived in all areas of development.

Today I feel very passionate about helping families that have a child or children with special needs. Through the funding that is raised we would like to provide children of under- privileged families the therapy required.